Tips From CFO Pros: Key Considerations For Your CFO Search

Kelly Evans, Magenta’s CFO, was recently interviewed by Keynote Search on how CFOs can build trusted teams and what traits to look for in a CFO.

What is the most important role of a CFO?

The CFO plays various roles on the leadership team. The roles of financial steward, protecting the company assets, and running the financial function are the two areas that we think of first. Equally important is the role of understanding the business and providing strategic guidance as part of the leaderships team. The CFO can also assume the role on the team to drive and challenge projects, processes and ideas to ensure their ultimate viability and success. An effective CFO is solution-oriented which allows them the ability to collaborate effectively with the all members of the Leadership Team.

What is the most important trait of a CFO?

Perspective. A CFO needs to be able to see opportunities and issues from more than one angle. This allows them to proactively assess potential roadblocks and solutions both short term and in the future.

What do you look for when you are building out your team?

I look for individuals who have core values that align with the company and the team. Integrity, competence and a good work ethic are important attributes for a team member. A proven track record of good decision making, and consistent high-quality deliverables are also key. It is my experience that working with individuals who have passion and drive, delivers success. And a good sense of humour makes the workplace enjoyable for everyone.”

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