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Why invest in Magenta

Since 1994 we have applied a conservative mortgage portfolio strategy with the goal of delivering strong, consistent returns.

Magenta shares represent ownership in a large, diversified, professionally managed residential mortgage portfolio. Every Magenta mortgage is secured by quality residential real estate primarily located in strong, stable urban real estate markets in Ontario, with a heavy overweighting of first mortgages secured by owner-occupied single-family homes.
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Benefits of investing in Magenta

Strong returns

Since our inception in 1994, we have had an unbroken record of delivering annual returns equivalent to and typically exceeding our target ROI.


We offer a five-business day retraction notice period. Virtually all our mortgages are one-year terms, meaning the average term to maturity is approximately six months. Every month, almost 10% of the portfolio is maturing resulting in reliable, accessible cash flow.


Our monthly dividends are paid in cash or in stock, plus periodic incremental dividends.

Capital preservation and forward-looking growth

We believe that a mortgage is only as good as the real estate backing it.


We scrutinize every mortgage to build a strong, stable portfolio

We strive to be Canada’s investment-grade mortgage investment vehicle offering optimal returns and low volatility to our investors.


We work with trusted local partners, and conduct our own in-depth analysis to confirm real estate values and anticipate market changes with the goal of preserving the strength and resilience of our mortgage portfolio.


We only lend in stable, primarily urban, Ontario neighbourhoods where the real estate market is strong.


Magenta specializes in near-bank quality residential mortgages, offering home loans to responsible borrowers who fall just outside of chartered bank lending criteria.


Our rigorous underwriting process focuses on protecting your capital with the aim to also provide you with reliable and consistent returns.

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