Paul Campbell is Magenta’s Senior Director of Mortgage Origination and leads our Mortgage Origination department! Paul joined Magenta in November 2021 and was instrumental in increasing AUM (Assets under Management) from $356M to over $490M in just three months, allowing Magenta to achieve its highest AUM since its inception in 1994. Paul has also successfully overseen the growth of the largest Internal Account Manager team at Magenta, instituting a high-performance team culture and consistent sales processes – all the while maintaining his trademark approachable, easy-going demeanor that makes him a beloved mentor!

“There is a mentorship element to my role, and I am thrilled to be leading a growing team of talent and skill. I am looking forward to seeing what Magenta can do this year.”

Paul has over 20 years of experience in the mortgage industry in numerous roles including Underwriter, Mortgage Agent, and Business Development Manager. During this time Paul gained an understanding of the business from all angles and formed key partnerships in the industry. In these roles Paul was responsible for establishing and building relationships within the broker community, going above and beyond to provide brokers and their clients with exceptional customer service. Prior to joining Magenta, Paul led business development at Merix Financial and Equitable Bank.

Our resident celebrity, Paul, frequently chats with Scott Peckford on the I Love Mortgage Brokering podcast. Most recently, Paul was featured on CMP TV to talk more about Magenta and what is on the horizon for 2023. And remember, if you have any questions about Magenta’s mortgage products or career opportunities in business development at Magenta, Paul would love to hear from you!




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