Greg is Magenta’s COO (Chief Operating Officer). Prior to becoming COO, he was the Vice President of Mortgage Originations, where he successfully restructured the mortgage side of Magenta’s business, leading the sales, marketing, and renewal departments. Under Greg’s leadership, Magenta achieved its highest AUM (Assets under Management) in May 2022.

Greg has successfully built the RevOps (revenue operations) Team at Magenta with an integrated marketing and sales department approach, enhancing cross-departmental collaboration. His most noteable successes were:

  • the implementation of the Internal Account Manager structure,
  • leading the development and successful launch of the No Doc product,
  • building the centralized marketing model and
  • overseeing the marketing strategy to effectively increase the Magenta brand and product awareness.


Greg has also been instrumental on the investor side of the business, creating new investor relations, enhancing internal processes and creating a positive investor experience, all in the interest of generating required capital. Going forward, Greg will oversee day to day operations on both the broker and investor business units at Magenta.



“At Magenta, we are seizing generational opportunity while focusing on operational efficiencies, customer experience and product innovation. I am honoured to be leading the Magenta team.”

Recently, Greg presented at CMP’s (Canadian Mortgage Professional) Summit, where he spoke about best practices when marketing to different generations. He was also featured in CMP’s article about customer loyalty and driving referrals.


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