The alternative mortgage space is fast paced and exciting.  Deals that come across your desk typically come with short turnaround times.  When you factor in that many of the alternative deals are one to two-year mortgages, it’s imperative that you manage your sales funnel strategically.

One of the keys to managing your sales funnel is through follow up.

Each day, your follow-up activity should result in obtaining a new client, advancing an active deal or getting a signed commitment.  

Here are some ways that you can use a follow-up strategy to fill up your sales funnel and improve your close rate:

  1. Follow up on your past deals. Review your files from the past year or two.  Look for files that may be renewing and proactively reach out to those clients to help them make their next move.  Organize the files according to renewal date and set quarterly follow-up reminders for future activity.
  2. Follow up with your current prospects. Touch base to understand where they are and ask for the business!
  3. Follow up with the deals you closed.   Establish a timeline of next steps with your client. Follow up on the appraisal, with the lawyer and the lenders. Stay on top of the deal until it closes!
  4. Follow up on the deals that you didn’t get. Understand why you didn’t get the business so you can grow professionally.
  5. Follow up with your clients after the funding has completed. This is a great way to find out what went well, as well as, an opportunity to address any outstanding concerns. This can help you grow the relationship. It also creates an opening to ask for a recommendation!


By using a sound follow-up process, you will not only fill your sales funnel, but also provide a higher level of service to your clients.

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