At Magenta, we offer your clients access to a decision maker who possesses a detailed understanding of the real estate markets we lend in. We have established relationships with local appraisers and real estate professionals, and we carefully review economic drivers in your community.

Because we truly understand our markets, we are able to make informed, intelligent lending decisions to help your clients navigate a clear path through tough situations like divorce, estate settlements, CRA or HST issues, pre-bankruptcy refinances, and more. We customize every loan approval to make sure it meets the needs of the borrowers as precisely as possible.

We are specialists in the alternative, non-conforming lending space. As such you can be sure that your files will be handled with a high level of professionalism, integrity, and competence.

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What we offer:

  • First and second open and closed mortgages on residential, construction, investment, land and seasonal properties.
  • We offer timely fundings— On emergency basis fundings can be made within hours of receipt of a full application and appraisal.
  • We offer the flexibility of pure private or equity lending with institutional-style operations and post-closing administration.
  • We are on Filogix and Morweb for convenient deal submission and commitments.
  • Pricing is set and predictable, based on an industry-leading rate and fee matrix.
  • We fund mortgages for consolidation and also to provide funds to discharge a bankruptcy or consumer proposal.
  • We direct the solicitor to disburse funds to creditors in order of priority so you have a complete record and funds summary.
  • We have no minimum beacon score requirement so even borrowers with low scores and beacon rejects can access equity.
  • We set payment frequency to match the borrowers’ payroll dates for better cash flow.
  • We will allow the existing first mortgage to remain in place, which eliminates prepayment penalties and frees up more equity for consolidation.
  • We can set a custom term so the borrower can refinance at A rates as soon as possible.
  • All liens, judgments and executions must be paid from or prior to the advance, including CRA, or they must be postponed.