Because tomorrow matters

Choose Magenta because you need a rock solid financial foundation. Choose Magenta because you seek strong returns and consistent income. Choose Magenta because you believe tomorrow matters.
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Magenta delivers consistently strong returns without the associated volatility of stocks and bondsOver the past two decades, Magenta has produced consistent high returns, often higher than traditional stock and bond markets without the associated volatility. A one dollar investment when we started is worth more than seven dollars today.>> Read More


Magenta pays a consistent incomeAn investment with Magenta pays you consistent income month after month. You can choose to withdraw your income or have it automatically reinvested for even more growth.>> Read More


Magenta invests in mortgages backed by stable real estate assetsWith Magenta, you are investing in a pool of mortgages that are backed by something tangible and easy to understand—some of the most stable real estate in Canada.>> Read More